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An unattended enforcement camera system that is used to automatically enforce Bus Lanes and Bus gates and Moving Traffic Contraventions

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TES Ltd are an innovative company who have been providing specialised mobile CCTV solutions for over 10 years. They draw on a wealth of experience in local government Parking & Traffic Enforcement and Community Safety Monitoring.

The Design Challenge

To design a weatherproof housing unit for the electronics of a state-of-the-art unattended enforcement camera. Ease of installation and disassembly being the key requirements.

Our Design Solution

Our solution was a three-part modular housing unit, which could account for multiple stacking possibilities - depending on the amount of electronics needed.

The aim was to create a new unit that could attach an existing bracket and fit to any size diameter pole, without having to create any unnecessary extra parts. Space was allocated for venting, various power inlets and for future additions, which the client requested.

The Delivery

Once the design of the CAD was agreed, 3D printed prototypes were made (in SLA), in order for the client to test and make sure their electronics all fitted correctly. The CAD was then sent to be injection moulded so that they could be tested in a real environment.

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