Showpiece Gin Server | Bombay Sapphire

An exclusive bespoke gin server, to be used at the launch for a new gin range

Design for Manufacture


Sector: Product Design

TRO - a creative experience company based in London, contacted Skywide and Ogle Models about creating a bespoke set of gin servers for an exclusive launch event for Bombay Sapphire.

The Design Challenge

To take the concept artwork supplied by Bombay Sapphire and create the CAD - ready for manufacture, whilst keeping the form and aesthetic as close to the concept artwork as possible. The biggest task was determining how to create the various components, as each one was to be made of a different material or created by a different manufacturing process.

Concept artwork provided by Client

Our Design Solution

We decided to create the gin server in multiple parts, and in two different pieces of design software;

> Solidworks - to create the precision modelling of the major components, ready for 3D printing in SLA

> 3DS Max - for the geodesic dome mesh and world map, which was intended to be dipped in copper

Off-the-shelf components such as a hinge and magnets had to be accounted for in the CAD.

The Delivery

With the help and expertise of Ogle Models, we were able to create a seamless workflow. Ogle would provide us with information on the desired materials and processes, and we in turn would be able to feed back with feasible CAD solutions and the final output files required to create the end product. 

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