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A revolutionary tennis racket handle that is set to grip the tennis world, thanks to innovative 3D printing technology

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Unstrung Customs are a racket painting, stringing and grip customisation specialists. Based in Hertfordshire, they have over 45 years of experience and their clientele range from the keen amateur to the highest level pro tour player.

The Design Challenge

Working alongside Ogle Models, Skywide Design was tasked with designing the 3D CAD for a fully customisable, weight-balanced handle enabling tennis enthusiasts to enjoy the benefits of a fully bespoke racket.

A major hurdle was making sure that the customisable pallets could be easily altered to account for the many different grip sizes, lengths and various tennis racket shafts that are in use today. 

Many customers wish to customise their racket with a grip from a different racket, or even with one that has a bespoke size and shape of their choice. This is something that needed to be taken into account, so the CAD had to be extremely flexible.

Our Design Solution

Unstrung Customs wanted a new and innovative method – away from the traditional moulding – to adapt the grip size of the racket. The aim was to speed up the supply process and deliver a precision grip for the user.

The Delivery

We created a symmetrical grip comprising of two halves with an internal mesh structure - for strength and durability, and also so we could control the weight and make the pallets as light as possible.

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