Modular Enforcement Camera System

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Smart modular housing system

TES Ltd. have been developing state of the art surveillance and security systems for many years, and their IP and technical skill has been focused around the software and hardware of their smart monitoring systems.  For one of their main post mounted units, they were aware the product needed developing, not only in looks, but in its functionality.

Having never worked with a design company, we explained the process and set out a broad range of concepts.  It became clear a modular approach would suit their needs, especially as the part was to be moulded, meaning there was maximum flexibility in this and future designs.

Expandable design for current and future platforms

We quickly identified a modular approach would not only offer future expansion, but would justify the moulding investment.

- Designed and manufactured in the UK

Consideration for the environment was essential for creating a robust solution.  A range of weather conditions from direct sunlight to driving rain was considered and later put to test.  Cooling, safety tethering and UV safe materials were designed in to create a safe mounted unit.

Assembly and Installation.

In house assembly was dramatically improved on all accounts as well as installation time.  We are now working up a custom camera arm mounting system.

- A well thought through design offering many unforeseen advantages to the client.