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Research & Strategy

Depending on the project, the direction to take the design forward poses one of the greatest challenges in its development.

Early stage planning is key to ensure the project moves in the right direction and with our experience, we can ensure that the relationship between the product and its market are in sync.

Mechanical Design

We have the tools and experience to create and develop products that work. This may simply be creating catches and clips, through to more complex gears and lever systems within products.

Unique to Skywide is our use of animation and CAD simulation software to fully understand complex mechanisms prior to build. These animations can truly enhance the development process.

Industrial Design

We are believers that the tussle between form and function can be resolved through a balance of creative thinking, and a realistic understanding of manufacturing considerations right from the start.

Our goal is to deliver something that is right for the user, fits with your business goals and is sustainable for manufacturing and assembly.

Human Factors

Our design approach with users in mind focuses on their needs, capabilities, and their preferences. We determine the product function and the users perceived, and actual requirements to develop a program to evaluate whether those needs are met.


Many of our products require the integration of electronics. Working with hardware engineers, we can create working prototypes, develop the product and support the transition form small scale to mass manufacture and assembly.

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We are experts in design for rapid prototyping and have onsite access to the latest 3D printers and machining capabilities. We are able to create block and fully functional models that are used to progress the design, but also for showcasing, market research, bench testing and investment gains.

Graphic Design

We use graphics throughout all our design processes. In its purest form we are creating brands and a companies identity including printed and digital literature.  Other examples are poster campaigns, presentation layouts, animated presentations, marketing material, carton and packaging design.


With solid and surface modelling techniques, we can create many different types of visual. Technical, product renders, presentation material, Patient instruction leaflets, Graphic UI and many more.

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A unique skill within Skywide is our ability to create animations and integrate this into the design flow. This is an excellent communication tool able to demonstrate the design intent. We can also create animations for marketing material, ad campaigns, websites, trade shows and product launches.