Design and development of two bespoke launch systems

Our client reached out for a single design house that has the capability to design, prototype and develop two countermeasure launch systems.  Working with Ogle models, we worked with off the shelf components where possible and developed a single shell shoulder launcher and a multi case ground launcher.

Working closely with Ogle means we can keep cost to a minimum as we consider the best approach to prototyping the design.

User consideration.

Using aluminium and 3D printed components, the design was lightweight and rugged.

- Ergonomic data was used for grab and reach zones around the product

This is a perfect example of designing a product without specific experience in the field of expertise.   We work with our clients to understand the requirements, then using a structured and well thought through approach, we can use our expertise and understanding of materials and products to bring to life a working prototype.

Right first time!

We always maintain a high level of due diligence when we develop products to minimise prototyping and progress quickly.  Depending on the project, there may be several prototype stages to reduce the risk in production.

- Careful and considered design

Throughout the design process, the client is kept up to date with new developments constantly with images to affirm the design direction.  Working closely with Ogle models, we ensure we keep prototyping costs efficient and that the best processes are utilised.

Field testing... Literally in a field!

First off testing was successful and the flight path for all projectiles were clean.

- The ground launcher designed to pack away and fold into a compact carry case.