Design for a rugged environment

Within the construction industry, the use of cement in structures is common.  CST developed the hardware and software for a concrete tester that determines compression strength of concrete, compression and flexural strength of the cement, cement quantity and water consumption. These are key specifications for a good pour.

Designed for a rugged working environment.

BS EN 12390 compliant, ROHS compliant, REACH compliant, EMC certification, ESD certification, CE certification.

- Design intuitive

- Resin cast body and anodized Aluminium footing

CST ConcTest Image

Throughout the design process, the client is kept up to date with new developments constantly with images to affirm the design direction.  Working closely with Ogle models, we ensure we keep prototyping costs efficient and that the best processes are utilised.

CST ConcTest Image

After successful field testing, the CAD is detailed and sent for moulding.

- Two shot rubber moulded over ABS


- Simple to assemble and take apart.

CST reached out to Skywide to help develop a handheld device that can function in a rough environment.  The initial requirement was to create a handful of working prototypes that could be field tested.  After a few rounds of hand and CAD sketch forms, we created their product around the constraints of the custom made PCB.