Animation within Design process

Throughout a product’s development, an animation can play a critical role at certain milestone stages. They can be used to secure funding, ensure key stakeholders involved in the project are aligned, communicate an aspect that is very difficult to comprehend or simply show off a concept’s potential.

What are the key benefits of an animation within the design process?

  • Visualise your concepts and designs clearly and effectively.
  • Communicate technical mechanisms.
  • Use in presentations to secure further funding for projects.
  • Create digital media for product launches, your social networks and marketing platforms.
  • Use in online market research and focus groups.

Advantages of using Animation in Design

Over the last 20 years I have been involved in many design projects working with both small and large design teams.  I have had many experiences where key members of the team do not fully understand the products functional details.  With a technical animation showing key components functions, I believe it can facilitate a good level of understanding and communicate key messages clearly and effectively.  This can also be applied as the process grows and reaches different development stages.  The project may now have analysts, external moulders, assembly line manufacturers and key investors on board.  An animation can clearly communicate the product details allowing for a better focus and continued momentum.

3D Image sequence

As the development of your product pushes on to consider manufacture and assembly, an animation showing the assembly sequence will give you a clear advantage over static images and flow diagrams as you respect each components size and form. You can gain a good ‘feel’ for the process when you see 3D parts orient into position. We have heard first hand form assembly line manufacturers that animations offer an excellent visual tool for planning and discussion.


At Skywide we use animations to visualise concepts at the early stages of development.  We illustrate the way a mechanism works and how, for example, clips, levers or covers may function.  These animations open up discussion that is clear and focused with the client getting an early understanding around the user/concept interaction.  We keep you up to speed and fully informed through every stage of the process.

For market research, we prototype many of our designs, but have also found that animation can be used in focus groups or online research where physical models will be costly and difficult to test in multiple geographical locations.